Monday, 27 July 2009

I had the most fabulous day in London today attending a one-to-one workshop for letterpress printing. It was run by Chrissie and Vicky who own a letterpress studio in Tufnell Park

I learnt to set traditional hot metal type and prepare a chase ready to print from, as well as the basic operation of the press and tips to get the best result from it. And I even got to prepare a little trial project of my own to take home with me. 

I couldn't have had more patient and helpful teachers, Chrissie and Vicky made me feel very welcome and were so helpful answering my (probably quite daft) questions. They showed me their gorgeous work, so tactile and inspiring as only letterpress really is that - I can't wait to get started again! Thank you Vicky and Chrissie! x


ooh la la said...

Ahh brilliant. I'm so pleased that you had a good time and can't wait to see what comes of it. x

Suzanne Osborne - Prettywild Design said...

Thank you OLL. Sadly didn't get to go to Vivieneof Holloway at same time as planned - found out it's closed on a Monday. May persuade OH to take me up at the weekend ;)